On December 19, 2019, FBS attorneys Corey Quinton and Tyler Carlson argued an appeal involving the Sadek v Weber, et al case to the North Dakota Supreme Court.  The Sadek case involved the disappearance and death of a collage student who was found in the Reid River with a bullet wound to his head.  Prior to his disappearance he had, unbeknownst to anyone, been working as a confidential informant for a regional drug task force. 

Plaintiff’s theory is Andrew’s death was a direct and proximate result of his work as a confidential informant.  The trial court had granted our client’s Motion for Summary Judgment dismissing the case in its entirety on the grounds that no facts existed as to proximate causation.  An appeal was taken as to the dismissal.  The five justices of North Dakota’s highest court listened to the plaintiffs argue the trial court had been in error and there were fact questions which precluded summary judgment.  Corey Quinton argued, as he had to the trial court, the undisputed facts demonstrated there was no evidence, admissible or otherwise, to suggest a link between Andrew Sadek’s disappearance and death and this work with our client as a confidential informant.  The appeal generated national media attention and the case will likely be decided within the next several months.

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